Our lawyers also practice in the area of personal injury litigation.  We are not a mill.  We give our clients personal and special attention, and take pride in our services and our successes. Although we litigate when necessary, we are skilled at resolving claims through negotiation, mediation and any other means available to reach a positive and cost effective result for our clients. Our clients are always informed and involved in all of the proceedings. We are ever mindful that the claim is the clients, not ours.

What if I am injured in a car wreck?

Time can be a factor so don’t delay asking for medical and legal help. Obtain a copy of the police report. It is always helpful to write down many details about the accident as you can and make a journal of your medical care including names of doctors and dates of all medical treatment, pictures of injuries and vehicle damage. It is best not to disclose any information about the accident or sign any papers or statements prepared by the other driver or insurance company before you consult with an attorney.